Amazon Brazil REDD strategy


Celestial Green Ventures (CGV) develops REDD+ projects that protect areas of rainforest at risk of deforestation, in the Amazonia region of Brazil.  By carrying out these avoided deforestation projects, Celestial Green Ventures is able to generate carbon benefits, which have also a positive impact on the communities and biodiversity within the project areas.




Conserve forests, protect biodiversity and benefit communities. This is the motivation behind Celestial Green Ventures.

We are committed to carrying out REDD+ projects that combine the conservation, protection and sustainable management of forests at risk of deforestation with important community enhancements and protection of the biodiversity in these areas.

Our team has dedicated time to developing innovative solutions to implementing effective avoided deforestation projects. We promote the conservation and protection of vulnerable rainforest areas in the Brazilian Amazon with the latest technologies available.

Celestial Green Ventures has formed strong partnerships with organisations that are as enthusiastic and dedicated as us to the success of our project goals. We believe that a collective work is the key to making our REDD+ projects successful and generating a real environmental difference.