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About CGV

Celestial Green Ventures (CGV) develops REDD+ projects that protect areas of rainforest at risk of deforestation, in the Amazonia region of Brazil.

Our business is about forest conservation in the Brazilian Amazon. This avoided deforestation combines carbon, biodiversity and community benefits.

By carrying out these avoided deforestation projects, Celestial Green Ventures is able to generate carbon benefits, which have also a positive impact on the communities and biodiversity within the project areas. REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) projects are a recognised way of conserving forests and biodiversity while benefitting the local communities.

With annual reports, our project is assessed by third parties and recognised under the Natural Forest Standard, so you can be confident that our targets are measured and verified.

Our Motivation

Our commitment is to conserve forests, protect biodiversity and benefit communities. This is the motivation behind the Celestial Green Ventures business.

We develop and manage REDD+ projects that combine the conservation, protection and sustainable management of forests at risk of deforestation with important community enhancements and protection of the biodiversity in the Trocano Araretama Conservation Area.

Our team is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that implement effective avoided-deforestation projects. Together with the community and using the latest technologies, we promote the conservation and protection of vulnerable rainforest areas in the Brazilian Amazon. This offers benefits to companies who wish to take responsibility for their unavoidable emissions.

Celestial Green Ventures has formed strong partnerships with organisations that are as enthusiastic and dedicated as us to the success of our project goals. We believe that a collective work is the key to making our REDD+ projects successful and generating a real environmental difference.

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Everything we do to prevent deforestation in the project area is verified and recorded using the latest satellite imagery and cloud-based technology.

We combine data about the forest, the animals and the people who live there into our own specially-developed geospatial platform.

To find out more about how we map, measure and monitor our project area to an internationally recognised standard, visit our Geospatial Platform page here.

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Our work would not be possible without our carefully developed partnerships with local authorities, businesses and NGOs.

We work with the local authorites in Brazil, the people of the community and businesses to avoid deforestation.

Find out more about how we develop our partnerships and combine with them to bring benefits to the rainforest and to business by visiting our partner page here.

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Natural Capital

Celestial Green Ventures projects encapsulate the concept of Natural Capital protection.

Natural Capital is the collective term for the indispensable resources and benefits that are provided by the Earth’s ecosystems.

In simple words, they are the natural stock of the Earth.

Read our page about Natural Capital Credits for more information.