• Trocano’s furry friends – endangered Amazon animals

    Trocano’s furry friends – endangered Amazon animals

    The Amazon is currently home to the widest variety of species of any terrestrial ecosystem on Earth, with over 1000 species of amphibians and more than 430 species of mammal. Just one bush in the Amazon may contain more species of ants than the entire British Isles (source: Monga Bay).

    It’s easy to take for granted the creatures that surround us, from the birds twittering on your way to work to the cats in your favourite Youtube videos. We’re so used to seeing a huge variety of creatures that we don’t often take the time to consider what each contributes to the planet, and the potential impact if any of these species were to become extinct.

    However, climate change and deforestation threaten to make this a reality, with some estimates suggesting that 1 in 6 species may be extinct by 2100. Celestial Green Ventures’ Trocano Araretama Conservation Project is at the epicentre of this potential extinction crisis, as vast areas of the Amazon are deforested every day.

    Animals of the Trocano project

    Click the image below to view a gallery of some of the fascinating Amazonian creatures that live side-by-side with the people of the Trocano project area. Exotic animals live alongside domestic pets we’re all familiar with, interacting daily with the locals in the forest region. The people of the forest area have found a way to live side-by-side with these beautiful animals and to make a place for them in their lives.

    Man holds a bird in the Trocano project

    Educating for animal conservation

    The Trocano project is committed to preserving this incredible biodiversity as well as developing social benefits and avoiding carbon emissions from deforestation. We work every day to ensure that habitats stay intact and work with local communities on partipating in protecting endangered species. Amongst the endangered animals particular to the Trocano project area are the Giant Otter, Grey Woolly Monkey, Pink River and Tucuxi Dolphins. Earlier this month, Celestial Green Ventures and Iakira (the NGO who help implement the Trocano project in Borba) appeared on a radio show that was broadcast across the project area that encouraged people to take responsibility for monitoring the well-being of the animals around them. Goianao, president of Iakira , encourages people to report any sighting of these magnificent but endangered creatures as “no sighting is insignificant,” and that “every single animal plays their own important role in the ecosystem.”


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