• Borba’s Fenix Karate Club presented cheque to buy much needed equipment

    Fenix Karate Club

    The Fenix Karate Club were presented the funds to buy new equipment for its students. Photo: Trocano Araretama

    The Fenix Karate Club of Borba has impressed the whole of Brazil with the skill and discipline each of its students possess as they travel from one competition to the next. However, despite their successes in the martial art, the academy does not have the necessary equipment that allows them to practice the sport safely due to a lack of funds.

    In support of the club, the Trocano Araretama Conservation Project has given the Fenix Karate Club 6,000 Brazilian reais, which will allow the club to purchase the required items for training. The Trocano Araretama not only reduces emissions by avoiding deforestation and forest degradation, it also protects biodiversity and brings social benefits to the Amazonian communities. For this reason, the Trocano team is glad to be able to help a worthy cause such as the Fenix Karate Club, which encourages its students to work hard, be responsible and grow into respected young adults.

    Alciléia de Almeida, President of the Fenix Karate Club, said that the money will be used to buy protective gear such as shin, feet and chest guards that will prevent her athletes from becoming injured. The academy would also like to buy coats, gloves, bags, and even uniform kimonos for when they travel to competitions. With the proper equipment, Alciléia is confident that the students will perform better than ever and achieve greater results in championships.

    “This equipment will allow us to work better with all of our athletes,” she commented. “We will have better training sessions with the security that the protectors will give us and this, in turn, will improve our results in championships.”

    9 year old Karate Champion and Fenix student Ana Luiza Beleza de Souza is looking forward to training without the fear that she is going to hurt herself, as she has already injured her hands by not having gloves.

    “My karate colleagues and I are so happy for the help that the Trocano Araretama team has given us. This really is a great Christmas present!” said the young girl.

    Another Champion that attends the Fenix Karate Club is 11 year old Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira Ferreira, who is looking forward to using the new equipment to help him continue his dream of being champion.

    “By using the correct equipment, I’ll be able to train with more confidence because I won’t be worried about hurting myself,” he said. “This means I can fully commit myself to achieving my karate championship goals.”

    The cheque was presented to the Fenix Karate Club by Trocano Araretama team members Lene Gomes and José (Goiano) Rocha on Saturday during a ceremony held in the academy. The mayor of Borba, José Maria Maia, also attended the ceremony to congratulate the Karate Club personally.

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