• Brazilian REDD+ strategy to be defined by November 2013

    As previously published on our blog, the Brazilian Government must conclude a national Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) strategy this year. According to the latest updates about the topic on the Brazil’s Ministry for Environment (MMA) website, it is estimated that a nationwide REDD+ regulation will be finished by the end of November 2013, in time for the nineteenth United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP) on Climate Change, in Warsaw, Poland.

    Francisco Oliveira, the MMA’s Head of Policies to Fight Deforestation, says that a REDD+ strategy for the country will be fundamental to future international negotiations. “This year we are going to make the difference and go to the next COP in a strong position”, he adds. For the moment, the Brazilian Government is focused on the completion of the legal procedures of this regulation, which will include a public consultation, before its official implementation.

    As stated by the MMA, the main purpose of creating a Brazilian REDD+ strategy is to encourage actions and projects that help preserve the Amazon Rainforest, as a means to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Francisco Oliveira explains that it is necessary to ally expertise and monitoring with incentives to sustainable activities, such as REDD+ projects, in order to abate the deforestation of the Amazon forest and reduce the greenhouse gas effect.

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