• Brazilian states discuss the challenges in advancing REDD+

    Amazon Brazil REDD strategy

    On the 13th and 14th of November, representatives of the 6 Brazilian Amazonian states met at a conference for the enhancement of REDD+ projects in Brazil. This was the third conference of its kind, and is part of the training programme of the Governors for Climate and Forest Task Force. Among the main topics discussed were the environmental advances made by the State of Pará, and the creation of guidelines for the development of REDD+ programs in Brazil.

    Leticia Guimaraes, coordinator of REDD+ for the Ministry of the Environment, represented the Brazilian government at the event. Guimaraes discussed the framework of REDD+ in the international sphere, and the design of Brazil’s strategy. She also revealed that the Ministry for the Environment had submitted a draft calling for the creation of a National Committee for REDD+ on the 10th of November this year. This marks the first step to creating a legitimate governance structure for REDD+ throughout Brazil.

    However, a number of attendees at the conference criticised the proposal. Many were unhappy with the fact that the document was created without much consultation of the Brazilian states, the general public, and relevant organisations, all of which have presented important resources that have not been incorporated. “There are aspects and contributions by the civil society that have not been included,” stated Carlos Rittl, Executive Secretary of Brazil’s Climate Observatory.

    Others pointed to the lack of alignment between state policies and the proposal of the Brazilian government as an obstacle to the development of a national REDD+ strategy. “If the goal is to create a long-term policy, states and civil society are two key actors that need to be involved in the implementation of REDD+ in Brazil,” said Mariano Cenamo, Deputy Executive Secretary of Idesam (the Amazonas’ State Institute of Conservation and Sustainable Development).

    Story written with information from Idesam.

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