• Climate change affects indigenous astrologic predictions

    indigenous astrologic predictions

    Indigenous Solar Observatory. Source: G1/ Musa

    A study carried out with different indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Amazon verified that climate changes have affected their astrologic predictions, made in order to determine the best season to plant, harvest, hunt and perform religious rituals. As a part of the native spoken culture, monitoring the stars help them better understand nature and its phenomena. As a result, many of their activities are based on astrological knowledge.

    Coordinated by Germano Afonso, Doctor of Astronomy and Celestial Mechanics, and hired by the Foundation for Research Support in the State of Amazonas (Fapeam), the research contrasted the predictions of seven Amazonian ethnicities (Tukano, Tupé, Dessana, Baré, Tuyuka, Baniwa and Tikuna) with the meteorological forecasts for the regions where they live to identify the flaws in their estimates.

    “With this analysis we noticed that some phenomena caused by climate change were distorting their predictions, as expected rain came early or was delayed by phenomena, such as El Niño and deforestation”, explained Afonso. The Greenhouse gas effect, environmental pollution and the construction of dams in the middle of the Amazon forest were also pointed out by the expert as key influencing drivers to changing the indigenous calculations.

    Source: G1

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