• Congratulations, Brian Lynch

    Celestial Green Ventures sponsored Irish amateur runner Brian Lynch, nicknamed ‘The Amazon Runner’, as he undertook the Jungle Marathon through the gruelling Amazon jungle.

    Celestial Green Ventures was pleased to welcome Brian Lynch and his family to our offices yesterday in celebration of the runner’s accomplishments in the Amazon jungle.

    Brian’s Journey

    Back in July, Brian Lynch contacted CGV in the hope that the company would support him in his objective of being the only Irish contender in an unforgiving marathon through the Amazonian jungle in Brazil. Three months after that initial connection was made, the Irishman has returned home victorious from the Amazon and tending to his hurt feet and aching bones.

    “Looking back on the race I’m so glad I did it and I know that it was an amazing experience. But I think I’ll be taking a long break from any races for a while,” Brian commented.

    The runner suffered greatly with blisters and wounds on his feet, causing Brian to doubt if he would cross the finish line. However, as Brian was running in aid of the Laura Hickey Fund, he was determined not to let the jungle’s obstacles defeat him. In the end, that determination prevailed over his self-doubt as Brian pushed on for 135 km to complete the race and accept his Jungle Marathon medal, which he graciously presented to Celestial Green Ventures as a token of gratitude for the sponsorship.

    As part of the sponsorship, the Amazon Runner was provided with financial support along with a GoPro to record his once-in-a-lifetime experience. In addition to this, CGV also offset the CO2e emitted during his travels to and from Brazil through the Natural Capital Credits produced by our Trocano Project.

    Celestial Green Ventures has been a proud sponsor of Brian and is delighted that his family were able to join us as we presented him with a crystal memento in honour of his achievements. The reception was held at the Dublin offices in Merchants Quay, where we listened to the ins-and-outs of jungle life and shared a glass of wine together.


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    Celestial Green Ventures

    Celestial Green Ventures (CGV) develops and implements REDD+ conservation projects, which focus on protecting regions at risk of deforestation and improving the local communities, in the Brazilian Amazon region.
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