• “Greetings from the Amazon jungle!” – Brian Lynch

    Celestial Green Ventures sponsors Irish amateur runner Brian Lynch, nicknamed ‘The Amazon Runner’, as he undertakes the Jungle Marathon through the gruelling Amazon jungle.

    Brian Lynch

    Race participants ready to start the world’s toughest endurance race. Photo: Jungle Marathon

    The Jungle Marathon has officially begun and the Amazon Runner, Brian Lynch, along with the other participants of the six stage race will be undertaking the fifth today.

    The race began Sunday 5th October in a protected zone in the Tapajos Amazon area and is longer than previous years. With four stages down, at least seven racers have already dropped out of the arduous competition and some have even had encounters with jaguars and other wild animals.

    Despite these hardships, Brian is optimistic about his chances in the race and has expressed his delight to be surrounded by the supportive and welcoming fellow-racers and locals. “I’ve met some great people here, from the runners to the local people; all great and friendly!”

    According to the race results for the 275 km race, Brian ran the first and second stage in seven hours and the third in six and a half hours. Details of his fourth stage times are yet to be released. With the race ending this Saturday, the Irishman and the other participants from all over the world have a lot of running ahead of them filled with experiences that will stay with them forever.

    Brian began the race with the statement that he was “raring to go,” and we here at CGV hope that he holds onto that energy to push him through the fifth stage today!

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    Celestial Green Ventures

    Celestial Green Ventures (CGV) develops and implements REDD+ conservation projects, which focus on protecting regions at risk of deforestation and improving the local communities, in the Brazilian Amazon region.
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