• Video: Why is protecting the rainforest important?

    Video: Why is protecting the rainforest important?

    Amongst all the calls for action and overwhelming statistics on deforestation, it’s worth taking a moment to remind ourselves what the real value of the rainforests is – not only to the people who live there, but to all of us, and in our everyday lives. If you can spare just 90 seconds to watch our new video on what the rainforest means to our planet, hopefully you may feel inspired to get involved with preserving it for future generations.

    Take a look inside some pristine Amazon forest with these photos from our Trocano Araretama Conservation Project in Brazil. As a REDD+ project, we appreciate and safeguard the many different aspects of the forest’s natural capital. The rainforest is a vital ecosystem, and helps maintain the Earth’s environmental balance in a number of ways.

    The Amazon Home

    The Amazon is unparalleled as a habitat for animals, insects and birds and is home to many species that aren’t found anywhere else on the planet. It is also the home and source of livelihood for the communities that live there. Within the Trocano project area there are 105 communities, and a total of around 10,500 people.

    Beyond this, the impact that these vast swathes of trees have on the global atmosphere is huge. As well as protecting the land from erosion and being a vital part of the water cycle, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen. Fewer trees means more CO2, which is a greenhouse gas, trapping heat around the Earth and leading to global warming. The resulting climate change threatens ecosystems and could destroy the food chain.

    However, these rich resources are put under threat by deforestation, which continues due to a lack of understanding or sometimes simply a desire for quick profit. Watch our quick video below to see for yourself why deforestation must be prevented. You can find out how to get involved with the Trocano project and the benefits this can bring by clicking here.

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