• Trocano Araretama awards school for promoting environmental responsibility

    Celestial Green Ventures would like to congratulate the Dr. Auzier Moreira School in the Cristo Rei community for their participation in a drawing competition that aimed to promote the forest’s value to youngsters in the municipality of Borba. The participating students, of all ages, were asked to creatively design a poster based on their perceptions of the forest and why they think it needs to be protected.

    The school was successful in the competition thanks to its 12 year old student William Lemos, who drew the winning design entitled “The Environment is Life”. As part of the contest reward, the Trocano Araretama project presented young William with a new Pentax Optio WG-2GPS digital camera back in August and also gave the school two thousand Brazilian reais on the 6th of November.

    The prize funds were presented during a ceremony held at Dr. Auzier Moreira that was attended by the student body and faculty members. Members of the Trocano project also attended the event, along with the Secretary of Education and the Mayor of Borba.

    The Trocano project spoke with Ester Buzaglo, headteacher of the Dr. Auzier Moreira School, to learn more about the school’s participation in the competition and the awareness campaign they run daily that promotes the protection of the Amazon rainforest.

    Dr. Auzier Moreira

    The prize funds were presented to the Dr. Auzier Moreira School during a ceremony attended by both students and faculty. Mayor of Borba José Maia (second from right) and the Secretary of Education Francisco Ferreira (second from left) also attended, along with Trocano representatives Lene Gomes (far left) and José Rocha (third from left). Photo: Trocano Araretama

    Trocano Araretama | What does it mean to you that a student from Dr. Auzier Moreira won the design competition?

    Ester Buzaglo | I think of it as recognition for the environmental work done at the Dr. Auzier Moreira school. Our school began to develop a project named “The Environment is life: let’s preserve it” five years ago, which aims to demonstrate that school is an integral educational instrument in the lives of young  students. The campaign teaches them to be aware, active and participating citizens and to show them that the environment is an integral part of all our lives.

    Trocano Araretama | What will the school invest its prize funds into?

    Ester | We are going to invest the two thousand reais presented by the Trocano Araretama Conservation Project into the “Environment is life: let’s preserve it” campaign activities. The proposed activities include going on an ecological tour of the Lira river resort and the buying of a rubbish bin and educational materials in order to start educational workshops that will focus on sustainability. This workshop will be held in early 2015.

    Trocano Araretama | In your opinion, why must schools take an active role in the environmental education of society?

    Ester | We here at the Dr. Auzier Moreira realise that nature is losing its essence every day due to  a lack of awareness that people have of their responsibilities to this heritage from God. We are already suffering the consequences of the misuse of natural resources, which means that we must unite to preserve nature, to try to recover it and to rebuild what the Earth still has.

    Dr. Auzier Moreira

    Ester Buzaglo is the headteacher of the Dr. Auzier Moreira School in the Espirito Santo community. Photo: Trocano Araretama

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