• Infographic: Your Carbon Journey

    Infographic: Your Carbon Journey

    It can be difficult to visualise how the CO2 emissions of a business in Bristol or a company in California can lead to a bridge being rebuilt in the Amazon rainforest.
    However, the purpose and benefits of balancing your unavoidable carbon emissions with Celestial Green Ventures are reassuringly straightforward. Our infographic below outlines the journey companies and individuals can take to balance harmful carbon emissions.

    Verified Benefits

    Celestial Green Ventures runs a forest-conservation project in Brazil that protects 1.3 million hectares of pristine rainforest from deforestation. When the environmental and social benefits of this project are verified under the internationally-recognised Natural Forest Standard, it allows Celestial Green Ventures to offer Natural Capital Credits (NCCs). Businesses then have an opportunity to benefit from an integrated package of social, biodiversity and carbon values yielded through the Trocano Araretama project.

    Offset Unavoidable Emissions

    This in turn leads back to your business, as demonstrating environmental awareness and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is known to boost customer confidence and engagement.
    Every individual and organisation can take steps to reduce their carbon emissions, but some emissions are simply unavoidable. With Natural Capital Credits you can mitigate your unavoidable emissions by offsetting against prevented carbon emissions elsewhere. You also provide social benefits to the community and protect the biodiversity of the project area.

    Carbon Journey Infographic

    As well as conserving the forest and its wildlife, we help provide a sustainable future for the communities who live there with the help of the NGO Iakira. Recent projects have included supporting a local athlete to attend the Karate International Championship, a water cooler and funding a printer for a local school. Read more about our Trocano Araretema conservation projects here.
    Our infographic below maps out how your carbon-balancing journey unfolds. To find out more about how you could start your carbon journey with Celestial Green Ventures, view our brochure on Natural Capital Credits (PDF).

    Your Carbon Journey Infographic

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