• Infographic: Our planet, Your choice – Go Balance with CGV

    Infographic: Our planet, Your choice – Go Balance with CGV

    More businesses than ever are realising the benefits of reducing their impact on the environment and the unique approach of Go Balance offers business a simple, affordable solution to the problem of mitigating environmental impacts. As part of Celestial Green Ventures, Go Balance works with companies to calculate and provide the number of Natural Capital Credits (NCCs) required to offset unavoidable emissions. This effort creates corporate social responsibility (CSR) benefits through our Trocano Araretama Conservation Project in the Amazon.

    Go Balance Infographic

    Our infographic below shows how Go Balance places your product or service at the centre of our method.

    Sustainable Consumerism

    As public awareness of conservation issues and sustainable consumerism increases, both businesses and their customers are seeking to change the way they operate. 52% of consumers now check product packaging for information on its environmental impact, in order to make an informed choice. As a result, businesses are making efforts to reduce CO2 emissions where possible and offset these where they are unavoidable, but often, the challenge is to communicate this to the public.

    Natural Capital Credits

    Go Balance can bridge this gap. We calculate the environmental impact of your product, allowing you to balance your costs in line with your sales, and determine the number of Natural Capital Credits needed to balance this. Celestial Green Ventures generates NCCs in our REDD+ Trocano Araretama project by avoiding deforestation, conserving biodiversity and supporting local communities in their development goals. NCCs are verified under the internationally-recognised Natural Forest Standard, so you can rest assured, it’s quality controlled.

    Brand benefits

    Each NCC represents one tonne of CO2 that has been avoided from being emitted and also incorporates environmental and social benefits. Your business is issued with certificates for NCCs purchased. The instantly-recognisable Go Balance logo signifies to consumers that your company has taken action to limit their environmental impact. This develops brand equity through increased brand engagement and loyalty, and promotes a reputation as an ethically responsible organisation.

    Find out more at www.go-balance.com


    Go Balance places your product or service at the center of our method.

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