clowns without borders ireland


Clowns Without Borders Ireland is one of the selected candidates of the first ever Social Funding Programme run by Celestial Green Ventures. The first Clowns Without Borders was established in Barcelona in the summer of 1993 after more than 700 children showed up to see Tortell Poltrona, a professional clown, perform in a refugee camp. Poltrona realised the positive impact clowns can have on children who are seeking asylum, leading to the creation of this organisation. Clowns Without Borders Ireland was established in 2006, and operate in hundreds of different crisis areas, including Rwanda, Uganda, Jordan, Israel & Palestine.




As well as operating in conflict areas, Clowns Without Borders Ireland work with children who are seeking asylum in Ireland. Their Direct Provision project will consist of 16 shows that will be put on for asylum seekers across the country, including performances in Mosney, Cork, Tralee, and more. The project will allow children from disadvantaged backgrounds time to forget about their troubles, as well as make them feel welcome in the country. Celestial Green Ventures believes in supporting children & multiculturalism, and is delighted to have found a project that combines the two.