• Obama carbon pledge puts US in climate action driving seat

    Obama carbon pledge puts US in climate action driving seat

    The head of the UN has welcomed the pledge by the President of the United States to slash carbon emissions aggressively by 2030. The plan announced by President Obama to slash carbon emissions from coal-fired power stations, the single biggest source of harmful emissions in the world’s largest economy, has been welcomed by Ban Ki-Moon as the momentum ahead of the Paris COP21 talks is clearly swinging in favour of definitive action on climate change.

    Getting The Memo on Carbon Emissions

    Opponents have, predictably, attacked the ambitious target as a “war on coal”. President Obama, on the other hand, states that taking a stand on climate change is a “moral obligation” and calculates that it is equivalent to taking 166 million cars off the road in terms of emissions. Moral imperative or not, Obama’s move stakes out a leadership position for the US in the run up to negotiations about a climate change treaty in Paris this December. Economic heavyweight rival China has already promised drastic reductions by 2030. The EU as a whole is aiming for a 40% reduction by the same date.

    Obama Carbon Reductions Insufficient

    While the overall reduction in coal emissions is considered insufficient to prevent significant global warming due to greenhouse gas buildup, it puts the US economy on the right footing to reinvent itself as a low-carbon powerhouse. It has the dual advantage of being responsible action and a sound, sustainable economic investment strategy.

    Find out more about how you can follow Obama’s example and offset your unavoidable emissions as part of your climate change mitigation strategy. Invest in Natural Capital Credits, which contain the values of carbon emissions prevention, biodiversity protection and social development in one.


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