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Update: Leona is featured in the Clare Herald – Co. Clare is her home-from-home as the good people of Clare found her on a local beach when she was at her lowest point and rescued her. Read all about Leona’s long way from Clare to here on the Celestial Green Ventures blog.

Lucky Leona the Loggerhead is happily swimming her way to 10,000km – which will be a world record for a tracked turtle. Unfortunately, we have no news of any boyfriends out there in the deep blue ocean yet. We have been scouring her @LeonasLog Twitter feed and if she does snap a selfie with some young Loggerhead named Larry, you’ll hear it there first so don’t forget to follow @LeonasLog today

Also, catch up with the latest Leona the Loggerhead Turtle news on our blog

Fossil gives clue to turtle evolution

Leona's Great Great Grandaddy

Ever wonder why the turtle has a shell? The evolutionary origin of the turtle’s shell has been a mystery – until now. Turtles have a unique system of body armour that has evolved from its ribs – but it’s a puzzle how or why it evolved. Now, tantilising clues have emerged to explain turtle evolution from a quarry in Germany. Tune into this recent story from National Public Radio (NPR) or alternatively, read more about Leona’s great-great-great-great grand-daddy (Pappochelys) on Wikipedia.


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Leona’s The Loggerhead’s Photo Gallery

From her discovery to her recovery and release back into the wild, Leona has always been a very photogenic turtle.

Leona’s Swim into the Record Books?

Since being returned to the wild safe and healthy, Leona the Loggerhead Turtle has swum almost 10,000km. If she continues like this, Leona will set the world record for the longest track by a loggerhead turtle, ever. The GPS tracking device provided by Celestial Green Ventures updates on a daily basis, everyone to keep up to date with Leona’s journey home on the interactive map above.

Every time Leona surfaces, which is every 5 to 15 minutes on average, the tag transmits data. By clicking on the icons that represent each transmission, users can see the date and time Leona surfaced, her coordinates, and the temperature of the water she is in. It is also possible to zoom in using the controls on the map.

Loggerheads are an endangered species, and only ever venture onto land when females are nesting, so very little is known about them. It is hoped that the information collected with Leona and her tag will aid in the conservation of Loggerhead Turtles, and that our involvement will help us with our own conservation work in the Trocano Araretama REDD+ project area. All information and data about Leona the Loggerhead turtle is made freely available.

Leona's Live Tracking Map

Lost and Found: Leona the Loggerhead Turtle’s Tale

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