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Natural Capital Credits

Celestial Green Ventures is at the forefront of the market in achieving issuance of Natural Capital Credits. These credits are certifiable recognition of the collective benefits our projects provide.

By meeting the requirements of the Natural Forest Standard and successfully completing a third-party verification, our projects are issued with Natural Capital Credits (NCCs). An NCC represents one tonne of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) that has been removed from or avoided from being emitted into the atmosphere.

To be successfully issued with these certificates, our REDD+ projects also provide verifiable evidence of delivering social and biodiversity benefits within the project areas.

Our short video explains more about Natural Capital Credits – please take a look.

To learn more about NCCs, read our brochure for more details and contact one of our Carbon Management Specialists to find out how your company can neutralise its carbon emissions.

Download the Natural Capital Credits (NCC) brochure


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