• 2014 World Cup in Manaus: Heat & Temperatures

    Today we are continuing with our series of blogs about the World Cup games in Manaus.

    The climate seems to be an obvious worry for most of the teams drawn to play there (well for England at least!).  Well no need to worry, I was in Manaus in June of this year on my way to and from our project in Borba.  Borba is approximately 150km from Manaus and certainly worth the visit for any fans with a bit of time on their hands.  It’s a typical Amazonian municipality on the Madeira River with a population of around 34,500 friendly and welcoming people.  The project website is www.trocanoproject.com if you would like to know more.

    Back to the weather!  Of course, at any time of the year Manaus is a warm (or should I say hot) and humid place due to its geographical location.  This year in June it hovered around the 30 degree mark with fairly high humidity but as June is at the end of the rainy season it was more inclined towards light showers rather than torrential rain.  I acclimatised very quickly and enjoyed the weather on my many rambles around the city.  Today’s footballers are professional athletes so I can’t see it being that much of an issue for them.

    Anyone making the trip will be in for a real treat and I am attaching a short video showing some of the highlights of Manaus and the Amazon.

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    Ciaran Kelly

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