• Athletic Amazonian Karate Kid Kicks It

    Athletic Amazonian Karate Kid Kicks It

    Last month, Celestial Green Ventures proudly sponsored athlete Rosely Pantoja to travel from her home in the Trocano Araretama Conservation Project area and represent Brazil in the Karate Premier League championships. In this interview, we catch up with Rosely to see how she did, the experiences she’s bringing back to the area, and how the Trocano project made a difference.

    “The best I have ever participated in”

    Despite this being her first international tournament, Rosely performed well, losing one fight but achieving a draw in the other. She recalls her greatest triumph when in one bout she hit her opponent three times in rapid succession so hard that it knocked her gumshield out of her mouth! Suffice to say, she earned enough points from that comeback to draw the fight.

    “The event was the best I have ever participated in,” Rosely told us, “because I had the great opportunity to be among the best karate athletes in the world.” The championship has given her renewed energy to build on her six years of karate experience – “I need to improve my agility, train even harder and be prepared for when new opportunities to participate in huge events like this come up again,” she said. “Now I know how to work on new movements and train my athletes.”

     Rosely meets a karate star at the  chamionships

    Interview with karate athlete Rosely

    CGV: Were you nervous and did that affect your performance?

    Rosely: Yes, I was nervous, but it did not affect me at all, because I usually work hard on my body’s behaviour, especially in my mind to be able to face anything.

     CGV: Why karate? What made you want to pursue it?

    Rosely: Because I was always passionate about martial arts since my childhood, but as I come from humble beginnings and my mum could not afford paying for me to attend an academy, when the opportunity showed up, I did not think twice and embraced it to never drop it again.

    CGV: Who is your karate hero?

    Rosely: It is my Sensei, Washington Melo. I look up to him because he was a great athlete, he won several titles, he is an excellent teacher and he has great character and he shares his knowledge with his students. Other big guys may exist, but for me, he will always be my great source of inspiration.

    CGV: What is your motivation when you practice karate?

    Rosely: My big motivation is to be able to help my students and make the difference in each one of their lives. To be fit because of my health and for my self-defence, since the world is too dangerous nowadays, as well as to be an amazing teacher, like my Sensei is, and being able to represent very well the municipality of Borba and my country in further competitions.

    Thanks to the Trocano project

    Rosely wanted to express the following:

    “I, Rosely Pantoja, would like to thank you guys, from this beautiful Trocano Araretama Project, for everything you have done for me, especially for my athletes and the Fenix Academy. If there were more people like you, concerned about children and teenagers, the world would be much better. A big hug from all my team and me.”

    Thanks Rosely, we’re happy to help!

    Find out more about how purchasing Natural Capital Credits through Celestial Green Ventures funds community projects like this in the Amazon rainforest by visiting our Trocano project page. Find out how the non-carbon benefits of forest conservation projects like Trocano are being accepted by the world’s community as an important tool to fight climate change.

    Rosely with Trocano sign



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