• Bonn Breakthrough in REDD Forestry Negotations

    Bonn Breakthrough in REDD Forestry Negotations

    Good news for REDD+ conservation programmes all over the world, as last night in Bonn UN negotiators agreed the final package of parameters on the conservation framework. The sticking points were around non-carbon benefits of forestry conservation such as biodiversity and community benefits. After a decade of negotiations, the final version of the Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degredation (REDD) proposal has been agreed. This will enable decision-makers to incorporate it into their climate change strategies at Paris COP21 and beyond.

    REDD Stakeholder Benefits

    Business and political leaders will have confidence that a REDD+ forestry project adheres to a widely agreed international standard, and is beneficial to both the stakeholders and to the broader ecology of the area.

    The path to Paris COP21 has been a decade-long one for REDD+ negotiators. Following the surprise announcement yesterday, we gathered up some of the reactions to this good news from around the web.

    Community Safeguards

    Following the compromise, improved co-ordination with communities and human rights safeguards have been agreed and standards set down for “non-carbon” benefits. These “non-carbon benefits” will enable forest-rich nations to control their own natural capital.
    More confidence from the finance sector around safeguards and transparency means funds will flow into forest-rich nations to conserve their valuable natural capital as an asset to help fight climate change, which is becoming a top priority around the world.

    REDD+ Project by Celestial Green Ventures

    Celestial Green Ventures has already developed and operates a REDD+ project called the Trocano Araretema Conservation Project in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Here, as well as avoiding emissions through deforestation, the project benefits biodiversity and the community in a transparent and measurable way. This sustainable forest conservation scheme is developed under the Natural Forest Standard. Social benefits are administered by Iakira, an NGO run by and for people from the project area. Companies and entities who wish to avail of this responsible approach to balance their unavoidable emissions can contact us here at Celestial Green Ventures.

    For more stories like this see (and share) the Celestial_Green Storify collection.

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