• Eco-friendly Film-makers in Cannes Climate Call

    Eco-friendly Film-makers in Cannes Climate Call

    A number of the world’s leading filmmakers have joined calls for action on climate change from Cannes this week in the run up to the pivotal UN Climate Change Conference in Paris later this year. A committee headed up by Oscar-winning director Bernardo Bertolucci (The Last Emperor) has backed an initiative to reduce the impact of film production on climate change at the 68th Festival de Cannes.

    Cannes Climate Call

    Film4Climate as part of the World Bank’s Connect4Climate initiative promoted an event at the renowned film festival in France this week called Taking Action On Climate Change. The panel discussion addressed ways the film industry can both take direct action and also help to influence outcomes on climate change. The dual aim of the Cannes climate call is to reduce the carbon footprint of the film industry and raise awareness about climate change through cinema and storytelling.

    The Earth Is In Danger

    “There is no doubt that the Earth is in danger” says the respected Italian director Bertolucci, and calling on film-makers everywhere to bear witness, he says, “I am looking forward to seeing testimonies about climate change.”

    He is joined in the call for greater engagement with the climate change issue by respected German film-maker Wim Wenders. Known for his collaborations with musical artists such as U2 and The Buena Vista Social Club as well as directing art-house cinema classics such as Paris, Texas, Wenders says “To combat climate change is one of the major tasks of our generation.”

    Connect4Climate Logo


    Eco-friendly film production is still in its infancy but green guidelines have been issued in France, Germany, Canada and the USA.

    Carbon Footprint of Film

    As well as developing a protocol for greener films such as allocating part of a production budget to reduce, mitigate and compensate the carbon footprint of media production, the Film4Climate initiative seeks to promote the message of environmental consciousness.

    Lucia Greena, the World Bank’s program manager at Connect4Climate, says “Cinema plays a fundamental role in raising awareness on social issues and delivering effective calls for action.”

    Documentary Film Contest

    In 2014 Film4Climate organised a world-wide youth documentary film contest with the title “Action 4 Climate” with prizes of cash, video equipment and audience exposure. Bertolucci and his colleagues selected the video below as their top choice for the inaugural competition in the 18-35 category for 2014.


    Ice & Sky Documentary to Close Cannes

    The 68th Festival de Cannes will close on May 24th with the presentation of the documentary Ice & Sky by the Oscar-winning director of March of The Penguins (2005), Luc Jacquet. The film explores the discoveries of the farseeing climate scientist Claude Lorius who first raised concerns about climate change in 1965. Now, at 82 years of age, and with 60 years of climate science experience, Lorius looks with hope to the future, as he believes that ”men will still up” to the challenges of global warming.

    ice and sky documentary

    The film will go on general release later in 2015. For more on this story, visit Green Film Shooting

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