• Celestial Green Ventures anticipates World Cup fever in Manaus

    celestial green ventures manaus

    The colorful Amazonas Theatre, one of the main attractions in Manaus. Source: Embratur/Portal da Copa.

    On Friday 6th December the long awaited draw for the World Cup 2014 went ahead. All the usual emotions were clear to see on the faces of coaches and supporters alike – fear, relief, and anticipation of where and against who.

    For the Republic of Ireland, it was sadly not to be, but in the CGV office in Dublin the teams were well represented; Paula (Chile), Monica (Spain), Victor (Spain), Allan (Brazil) and for Seán (Portugal) as demanded by his girlfriend!

    Of special interest of course were the teams drawn to play in Manaus, the state capital of Amazonas. For the supporters of England, Italy, Cameroon, Croatia, USA, Portugal, Honduras and Switzerland it’s a double bonus. Not only have their national teams qualified for this great tournament, but they also have the opportunity to visit an amazing city in the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest – one of the most unique ecosystems on the planet.

    Manaus itself is a bustling city of over 2 million people with a unique feel due to its history and location. Having visited myself 3 times this year, the staff suggested that we do a series of blogs about the real Manaus and the Amazon, covering issues like history, places of interest, tips and advice on hotels, restaurants, bars, health and security and other information that we think may help.

    I hope you enjoy the blogs and we are happy to answer any individual questions at info@celestialgreenventures.com .

    Best of luck to all the teams,

    Ciaran Kelly, CEO of Celestial Green Ventures

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    Ciaran Kelly

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