• Greenland caves team sets off in quest for subterranean ice

    Greenland caves team sets off in quest for subterranean ice

    In January we shared an announcement of our involvement with an exciting climate expedition; the Northeast Greenland Caves Project. Yesterday marked the official commencement of the journey to Greenland, with the team on their way and hoping to begin the expedition this coming Wednesday (29th).

    The Northeast Greenland Caves Project consists of a 5-person research team that will visit the Arctic Circle with the purpose of exploring, surveying, photographing, and sampling caves of Northeast Greenland for the purpose of climate-change research. The main aim of the project is to obtain the first record of past climate change from Greenland caves which will provide information surrounding a past period of warm climate, and will be older than the current limit of the Greenland ice cores – this will provide a significant contribution to the overall understanding of long-term climate change in Greenland and the Arctic.

    Greenland Caves Carry

    Don’t forget your crocs!

    As well as providing financial support to this worthwhile, important expedition, Celestial Green Ventures has offered to offset the Greenland caves’ team’s unavoidable emissions associated with the expedition to ensure the trip is as climate-friendly as possible.

    Gina Moseley

    Project leader Dr. Gina Mosely

    The project team have established a strong online presence so everyone can follow their journey and stay updated on their progress through their northeastgreenlandcavesproject.com website or via their Facebook page page.

    It’s a hardy journey to the remote cave location with flights on light aircraft, lake crossings on inflatables and a three day hike to undertake. The expedition itself will continue until the 14th of August, all going well, but the team will have no access to internet during this time. However, a message from Project Leader Gina Moseley’s mother on the project’s Facebook page informed followers that we will not have to wait until the 14th of August for a new update:

    ‘‘..Thought I would let you all know that the expedition team will have no internet connection in Greenland, so using a sat phone I should be able to relay messages to keep you all informed of their progress during the next few weeks..’’.

    We wish the whole team the very best of luck over the next three weeks, and we look forward to learning about any new discoveries they make.


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