• Karate Kids Pack a Punch at Community Demonstration

    Karate Kids Pack a Punch at Community Demonstration

    From treating drinking water to sports coaching for kids, the variety of social benefits CGV brings to the Trocano Araretama REDD+ Project really keeps us on our toes! Celestial Green Ventures is proud to sponsor the Fenix Karate Club in Borba, Brazil, and last week the students held a presentation to demonstrate their abilities to the local community. Following the international achievement of one of their athletes earlier this year, this Amazon academy has a lot to shout about!

    Celestial Green Ventures - karate club kids demonstration

    A key part of the community

    The event was attended by officials including the mayor of the town, with Iakira Financial Counsellor Lene Gomez as one of the guests of honour. Local NGO Iakira support the work of Celestial Green Ventures by assisting with the on-the-ground implementation of the Trocano project, including representing the project at community events.

    The karate club is not just a pastime for the local children – it contributes to the health of the young people and their development as positive citizens. Karate is known to build physical and mental strength and discipline, offer a positive framework for socialisation, teach athletes to respect their opponents and promote healthy living.

    Karate success

    This year, the Fenix Karate Club has already produced an outstanding role model for its young students in the form of teacher and athlete Rosely da Silva Pantoja. With the support of Celestial Green Ventures, Rosely travelled to São Paolo in May to compete in the Karate Premier League international championship. She fought well, and achieved a draw in one of her two fights – an impressive performance for her first ever international competition. You can read more about her experience in our interview with her, available here on our blog.

    As these photos show, the students of the Fenix club may be young, but they can certainly pack a punch with their impressive karate skills!

    Celestial Green Ventures - Iakira team and officials at karate demonstration

    Celestial Green Ventures - Karate kids demonstrate poses

    Celestial Green Ventures - Fenix Karate Club and Trocano project proud to work together

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