• Off The Beaten Track – Latest Monitoring Visit

    Off The Beaten Track – Latest Monitoring Visit

    With a vast 1.3 million hectare area to monitor and no public transport, visiting all the communities in the Trocano Araretama Amazon project area requires some planning! Whilst Iakira President Director José Rocha – ‘Goiano’ – was overseeing the final installation of the Acquabox in São Joaquim this week, the NGO’s Finance Counsellor Lene Gomes visited some of the most remote communities in the area. Below are the six communities that she visited, and the site of the Acquabox in São Joaquim – you can find the full map of the Trocano project communities here.

    Celestial Green Ventures - Amazon project monitoring map

    Multiple methods

    Lene’s visit is part of our extensive monitoring programme, which involves on-the-ground visits from both Iakira (who assist CGV with the implementation of the project) and the Dublin-based CGV team, three of whom will be flying out to the project area next month. These visits are in conjunction with aerial inspections as part of our verification process with Environmental Services, Inc., and data gathered through our innovative geospatial platform. This exciting technology combines satellite data from PRODES and BlackBridge sources to create a map of the project area that can visualise the level of pristineness and establish the risk of deforestation. Together, these methods enable us to effectively protect the rainforest from emission-producing deforestation, and ensure it stays intact as a carbon sink, source of oxygen, and rich natural resource. See more about the scale of our project and the importance of rainforest conservation in our quick Slideshare.


    Celestial Green Ventures - Iakira team talk to Amazon project local

    Key to success

    As well as preventing deforestation, on-the-ground monitoring visits are a vital opportunity to check on the biodiversity and social benefits that make the REDD+ approach to avoiding emissions so valuable. Our team gathers information on sightings of threatened species, checks on established projects, updates our records, and spends time with the residents so we can understand how best to support them.

    Our constant communication and monitoring makes Celestial Green Ventures’ REDD+ project a responsible and reliable investment. Find out more about Natural Capital Credits and how you can get involved by clicking here.



    Celestial Green Ventures - Iakira team visit Amazon project house

    Celestial Green Ventures - Iakira team and local Amazon woman sewing

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