• New REDD+ Project to Join the Natural Forest Standard

    New REDD+ Project to Join the Natural Forest Standard

    The Trocano Araretama Conservation Project is one of the first REDD+ projects to engage with, and adhere to, the Natural Forest Standard (NFS). The NFS is a uniquely designed standard for voluntary carbon REDD+ projects which integrates not only carbon values, but social and biodiversity values as well – this was one of the primary motivations in choosing a credible standard to adhere to for the purposes of our project.

    This week we are delighted to share the news that another exciting REDD+ project has chosen the NFS as their voluntary carbon standard, and have officially begun the application process to get their project up and running.

    The Conservation of Cusuco National Park and the Meredón Reserve in Honduras is a REDD+ project being established by Quercus, the Research Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science within the School of Biological Sciences Queens University Belfast (QUB), and the Opwall Trust, a UK registered charity created in 2000 to enable the funding of conservation management interventions at study sites monitored by their sister organisation; Operation Wallacea Ltd.

    Operation WallaceaPrestigious Organisations in New REDD+ Project

    These two prestigious organisations are establishing a 55,588 hectare REDD+ project in an area comprising part of the Cusuco National Park and the Meredón Reserve in Sierra de Omoa, Honduras. The area is made of up lowland tropical forest and is part of the Mesoamerican Biodiversity Hotspot, with the Cusuco National Park being recognised as a Key Biodiversity Area by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


    The project will be governed in cooperation with Honduran Governmental Departments and local NGOs, with the primary objective of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through avoiding deforestation and forest degradation, and protecting the vulnerable biodiversity within the project area.

    We are very excited to follow the journey of the Conservation of Cusuco National Park and the Meredón Reserve, and wish them the best of luck as they progress through the next stages of their application.


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