• Photos: Tree Day in Borba – Trocano Araretama REDD+ Project

    On September 19th, Borba and the Trocano Araretama REDD+ Project celebrated National Tree Day in the Axinim community. The purpose of the day was to raise awareness among the local population of the need to protect the environment.

    The celebrations were met with great enthusiasm from all participants, who recognised the importance of the trees through workshops, creating posters and models, and planting the saplings of both fruit and ornamental trees.

    The Trocano Araretama Project would like to thank the Municipality of Borba, the Department of Education, the Institute for Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Forestry of the State of Amazonas (IDAM), schools João Ferreira da Fonseca and Francisco Bezerra Batista, as well as all members of the Borba community for their commitment and participation.

    Below, we have set up a gallery with the best moments of this important event.

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    Celestial Green Ventures

    Celestial Green Ventures (CGV) develops and implements REDD+ conservation projects, which focus on protecting regions at risk of deforestation and improving the local communities, in the Brazilian Amazon region.
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