• Rainforest Karate Club Fighting More Than Deforestation

    Rainforest Karate Club Fighting More Than Deforestation

    This week, Borba athlete Rosely da Silva Pantoja will be representing Brazil at the Karate Premier League International Championship, facilitated by the support of the Trocano Araretama Conservation Project and Celestial Green Ventures.

    The event is part of the World Karate Federation (see World Karate Federation ) championships, and will be kicking off today in São Paulo.

    Courage, Determination, Pride

    This year’s tournament holds particular significance, as it is the first time the competition has been held in Brazil. “[I will be] playing my part with grit, courage, determination and truly proud of being able to defend my country team,” Rosely explained to the Trocano project.

    Rosely is a teacher at the Fênix Karate Academy in the Trocano Araretama project area, which CGV has helped to purchase essential sports equipment. The Fênix Academy offers key skills to those who take part, combining healthy activity with social interaction, hard work and discipline, all of which encourage excellence in education.

    You can read more about our visit to the karate club last year.

    Social Benefits

    When she achieved her place at the championships this year, Rosely applied to the project requesting support to meet the costs. As a REDD+ project, Trocano Araretama is committed to delivering socioeconomic benefits to local communities as well as avoiding deforestation and carbon emissions.

    Funds generated from the sale of Natural Capital Credits are reinvested into community projects like sports and education. Celestial Green Ventures was proud and happy to be in a position to help karate teacher Rosely take her skills to the tournament and show them what a rainforest roundhouse kick looks (and feels) like.Trocano Karate Punch

    Find out what else we have supported recently by reading the Trocano Araretama brochure, available to download here. (PDF)

    Taking place from 27th – 31st May in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, the Karate Premier League features 400 athletes from 26 countries battling for the title.

    Celestial Green Ventures wish Rosely and the Brazilian team the very best of luck – check back soon for an update on how they do!


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