• Update: Acquabox installation reaches new heights

    Update: Acquabox installation reaches new heights

    Two weeks ago, we announced the exciting news that we are in the final stages of installing an Acquabox to provide clean drinking water to the community of São Joaquim in the Trocano Araretama project. We’re happy to report back that work on the water storage tower is well on the way, and we expect it to be complete very soon!

    Building the tower for the acquabox

    Making progress

    Iakira’s President Director José Rocha, “Goiano”, went down to São Joaquim on Friday to see how the installation was progressing. Iakira is an NGO run by and for the local people, and who work closely with CGV to help implement the Trocano project in the most effective and beneficial way.

    The wooden tower being built will raise up the storage tank. From here, the Acquabox uses solar energy to pump the water through its system, killing 99% of bacteria with ultraviolet light. The diagram below shows in more detail how the Acquabox works.  This clever box is expected to provide water not only for the 22 families of São Joaquim, but also for people from surrounding communities, who will travel here by boat. Find out more about this project and how the box works in our original blog post, here.

    Diagram of Acquabox in Trocano project

    A productive visit

    As well as overseeing the building of the tower, Goiano inspected the area for any signs of deforestation, part of our ongoing monitoring of the area. In addition to on-the-ground visits like this, we also use aerial flyovers and an innovative geospatial platform that collates satellite data, helping us identify areas that are most at risk.

    The Acquabox should be up and running soon – in the meantime, here are some photos taken during Goiano’s trip – you can see how well the tower is progressing!

    Inspecting the new Acquabox tower

    Planning a new vegetable garden on a recent monitoring trip

    The wooden tower being built to support the acquabox

    Travelling down the river



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