• $4.5 billion spend on voluntary carbon offsets in past decade

    $4.5 billion spend on voluntary carbon offsets in past decade

    A new report highlights the growing success and demand for the voluntary carbon market, revealing that $4.5 billion (around €3.95 billion) has been spent on purchasing nearly one billion carbon offset credits over the past decade. Ahead of the Curve: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2015, an Ecosystem Marketplace report published by conservation group Forest Trends, also stated that the voluntary marketplace has been vital in developing and refining methodologies now used in the emerging compliance market. Read the full report by clicking here.

    Recent growth

    Of particular interest is the revelation that in 2014 alone 87 million metric tons of CO2 were offset through voluntary credits – a figure up by 14% from the previous year. This suggests a significant trend towards businesses taking a strategic view and balancing their environmental impacts by investing in the voluntary carbon market.

    The report also states that forestry and land use projects are by far the most popular choice for the purchase of carbon credits. This information seems to confirm the attitudes expressed at the UN Bonn climate change conference last week, where promising agreements were made in relation to REDD forest conservation projects and their role within the voluntary carbon market.

    Carbon Offsets Improving

    Confidence in carbon offsetting has grown with the development of verification techniques, performance standards and quality guarantees. Many advances in offsetting concepts and models were achieved through the voluntary market and are now accepted by businesses. Co-benefits such as the protection of biodiversity and social advancement which are inherent in many voluntary market programmes are now actively sought after. Recent high growth rates and the momentum towards a carbon emissions agreement in Paris COP21 means confidence is bouyant in the sector.

    Voluntary Carbon Market

    Benefits of carbon offsetting

    Celestial Green Ventures’ Trocano Araretama Conservation Project in Brazil already operates accordingly high standards of co-benefits. We offer businesses the chance to offset carbon emissions voluntarily through the purchase of Natural Capital Credits (NCCs), each of which represents one tonne of atmospheric CO2 which has been avoided from being emitted. NCCs also yield biodiversity and social co-benefits to investors. As a REDD+ project conducted according to the Natural Forest Standard, Trocano Araretama not only protects the area from deforestation, providing carbon and biodiversity benefits, it also reinvests funds generated by carbon finance into projects that bring tangible social benefits to local communities.

    Find out how your businesses could work with Celestial Green Ventures to balance unavoidable emissions and engage with the voluntary carbon market by clicking here to download our NCC brochure.

    Visit Celestial Green Ventures contact page to find out how to get in touch.

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