• Water, water everywhere – CGV makes it safe to drink

    Water, water everywhere – CGV makes it safe to drink

    Having safe drinking water literally on tap is one of the things many of us take for granted every day, but for remote communities living along the Amazon river and its tributaries like the Madeira, Celestial Green Ventures is about to make this a reality for the first time.

    Clean water, clean energy

    We’re in the final stages of providing an Acquabox to provide clean water to the São Joaquim community within the Trocano Araretama conservation project, and we couldn’t wait to share the exciting news! The Acquabox is in the process of being tested, and should be ready for installation next month. This remarkable box makes water safe to drink using ultraviolet light, which kills 99% of bacteria in water that passes through it. This Acquabox is particularly impressive, as the water that fills up the tank before being cleaned by the Acquabox will be pumped using solar power, producing clean water by using clean energy.

    Spreading the benefits

    Up until now, residents of the São Joaquim community have been drinking water from the Madeira river, and on a visit to the Trocano project last year we carried out tests that revealed the water quality to be below acceptable levels. We also carried research, took measurements and devised the plan for the system. We purchased the Acquabox earlier this year and plan to have the project completed in the next 30 days. The construction of a tower to house the box will begin on July 8th, with the final installation due to take place on July 27th.

    CGV and Trocano projectThe São Joaquim community is home to 22 families, including a school with 71 students. In addition, other nearby communities will be able to collect fresh water from the Acquabox too, as this brilliant piece of equipment can clean 1000 litres of water each day. Families from nearby Villa Isabel and even further afield can travel in by boat to transport safe water back to their homes.

    Keep checking back to our blog to see updates on the project’s progress, and photos of the final product.

    Download a PDF that shows how the Acquabox works by clicking here: Sistema Acquabox.

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