• What our intern did for World Environment Day 2015 #WED2015

    What our intern did for World Environment Day 2015 #WED2015

    Today is UN World Environment Day, and at Celestial Green Ventures we are always keen to get involved with this annual initiative. This year’s theme is ‘Consume with Care” and, with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 10 things we can all do to benefit the environment.

    In an effort to put these things into practice, we created a #WED2015 video about our efforts on youtube. Warning: this video contains some very catchy music and an extremely enthusiastic intern!

    #1 – Cycle to work or school

    Often, this takes no more time than driving or hopping on public transport by the time you factor in morning traffic. Find out how bike-friendly your city is by checking out the new Copenhagenize city index, available here – Dublin is currently a respectable number 15.

    #2 – Recycle

    Many offices do already have recycling bins, but it’s estimated that in Ireland each person still generates 4.3 tonnes of waste. Sorting the rubbish rather than just throwing it all into landfill takes seconds, but could make a huge difference. In addition, reusing supplies rather than buying anew could save you money and time.

    #3 – Map a rainforest

    At Celestial Green Ventures, our sustainable forest area is managed using our innovative information system. Our unique Geospatial Platform developed in partnership with Ecometrica allows us to collate multiple sources of environmental data in the Trocano Araretama Conservation Project area.

    Using satellite mapping, our bird’s eye view tracks regions at risk of deforestation. It helps us record our compliance with the REDD+ framework in terms of avoided forestry, biodiversity and social benefits.

    For another angle on the Amazon rainforest, visit the amazing Google Street View of the rainforest taken from a zipline high in the canopy – available here.

    Man from Borba holds a bird#4 – Eat a vegetarian meal

    On 5/6/15, World Environment Day 2015 (#WED2015), the CGV team are eating a meat-free lunch. Reducing meat consumption is one of the most dramatic ways we all can help avoid deforestation. Whilst a vegetarian diet uses half of an acre of land per year, an omnivorous diet uses three acres. Beef production especially clears land for grazing and destroys biodiversity. The animals themselves produce methane, which, alongside carbon dioxide, is one of the most damaging greenhouse gases.

    #5 – Calculate your carbon

    CGV helps businesses to offset unavoidable CO2 emissions through our Go Balance method, which calculates the environmental impact of products or services. This risk can then be balanced by investing in our verified Natural Capital Credits, generated by our Project Trocano in Brazil. Becoming more aware and more conscious of our own environmental impact and taking steps, such as avoiding unnecessary flights and buying local produce can help reduce our harmful emissions.

    #6 – Get a reusable water bottle

    Disposable water bottles can take hundreds of years to biodegrade and are far from environmentally-friendly to produce. Every tonne of plastic creates 3 tonnes of carbon emissions. Investing in a reusable bottle instead will also spare you the inconvenience of constantly replacing your “disposable” one every time it starts giving the water an unpleasant taste.

    #7 – Spread the word about the environment

    One of the most important things individuals and organisations can do is to spread the word about climate change and conservation. We post regularly on social media highlighting environmental issues and write blogs exploring sustainability topics. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our email.



    #8 – Read an environmental book

    Particularly timely and influential is On The Edge – The State and Fate of the World’s Tropical Rainforests by conservationist Claude Martin. The book was presented on June 4th to the Club of Rome think tank in Milan to commemorate World Environment Day – read all about it in our blog post.


    Celestial Green Ventures are giving away 5 FREE copies of On The Edge. To enter into our prize draw, simply subscribe to our email on this page.

    #9 – Hug a tree

    Admittedly, not directly helpful to the environment, but being out amongst nature will help highlight how much we need plants, ecosystems, biodiversity and ecological balance. You can also keep up to date with important environmental news on the Treehugger website: www.treehugger.com

    #10 – Turn out the lights

    At the end of a long day of being environmentally-friendly, be sure to turn out your lights and switch off any electrical appliances. There are plenty of other ways you can reduce your energy consumption too, from using a cool cycle on the washing machine, to ensuring your house is well insulated and turning down the heating.


    Let us know what you or your business has done for World Environment Day by tweeting us at @Celestial_Green

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