Author and conservationist Claude Martin presented a report based on his just-published book “One The Edge: The State and Fate of the World’s Rainforests” to the Club of Rome yesterday.

In it, Martin warns that we are in danger of going backwards in our efforts to conserve the remaining rainforests of the world. An area the size of Switzerland is felled each year in rainforests all over the world from Brazil to Africa and South East Asia.

Combining biology, climatology, sociology and other related sciences, On The Edge takes a strategic overview of tropical rainforests. They are “the world’s habitats with by far the greatest biological richness” says Edward O. Wilson, the eminent American biologist who endorses Claude Martin’s timely publication. He describes On The Edge as “The definitive assessment of the single most important factor in the future of Earth’s biodiversity.”

As former director general of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and an experienced field biologist, Claude Martin’s book provides an up-to-date assessment of the health of the world’s tropical rainforests. With only about half of the world’s rainforests remaining intact, Martin combines information from satellite imaging, ecology and economics to deliver an accurate assessment of the health of the remaining rainforests.

On The Edge book

On The Edge by Claude Martin

If we fail to protect the remaining forests, the implications are clear: “The sixth mass extinction will become reality – in the lifetime of our children and grandchildren. We are literally eating up the rainforest and are not far away from a dangerous tipping point.”

Sustainable Forest Management

With pressure coming from mining and agriculture to open up the rainforests for exploitation, as well as population pressures and climate change, the threats to the remaining forests are as great as they have ever been. Further degredation could worsen climate change. Martin urges politicians to not become complacent and to keep rainforest conservation on the agenda for a sustainable planet.

Consolidating much of the available information about the condition of rainforests in this book, Martin cites some successful efforts to conserve, regenerate and sustainably manage this forest resource.

The Club of Rome

The Club of Rome is an association of experts and professionals in a wide-range of disciplines from over 30 countries exploring the sustainabile economic development. Their seminal report in 1972 entitled “The Limits of Growth” became the best-selling enivronmental paper in history with over 30 million copies sold.As well as Calude Martin, members of the Club of Rome include Joseph Stiglitz, Mikhail Gorbachev and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands.

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