Here at Celestial Green Ventures, we believe in social responsibility. Our work in Brazil over the last few years has helped illustrate to us that the best way to go about bringing real change to the world is to start at a local level. It is for this reason that we have launched our social funding programme.




The Celestial Green Ventures Social Funding Programme offers funding to projects with social, economic or environmental benefits in Ireland. The programme aims to enable non-profits, charities & community organisations to carry out projects that have a positive impact in their area.

Our ultimate goal for this programme is to improve the quality of life for people in Ireland, and it is open to both established and prospective projects in need of funding. Every year, we will be giving away up to €20,000, which breaks down to a donation of up to €5,000 to four separate organisations.

The application process for 2014’s Social Funding Programme has now closed. Keep an eye out for next year’s programme.

Selected Projects 2014