• Clowns Without Borders Ireland on RTÉ Nationwide

    In  2014, Celestial Green Ventures selected 5 projects to receive funding as part of our Social Funding Programme. Clowns Without Borders Ireland’s ‘Direct Provision Project’ was one of the successful applicants.

    Voluntary aid organisation and successful applicant of the CGV Social Funding Programme 2014, Clowns Without Borders Ireland, will appear on tomorrow’s edition of RTÉ Nationwide.

    The show, which airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on RTÉ One, deals with stories and cultural events from all over Ireland and will be exploring the world of street performance and entertainment in the final show of this week.

    RTÉ reporter Áine Lally will be discussing CWB Ireland with co-founder of the organisation Jonathan Gunning, who is said to love working as an actor and especially ‘thrives’ in his role of a clown. With their motto ‘no child without a smile,’ Gunning and many other performers working with the organisation travel to areas of stress or crisis due to a whole host of social issues like poverty & disease, and work to make their motto a reality.

    The programme will commence at 19.00 Friday 25th July on RTÉ One, so be sure to tune in then.

    CWB: Jordan 2014

    Earlier this year, Clowns Without Borders travelled to Jordan to do what they do best; bring laughter into the lives of children and their carers who need it the most.

    Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, more than 2 million of the country’s citizens have fled to neighbouring countries, with that number increasing every day. In Jordan alone, there are an estimated 550,000 Syrian refugees, with more than half of this number being children.

    During this visit, CWB reached 2,520 children through their shows and a further 93 children through their workshops.

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