• Depaul Ireland’s Tus Nua project celebrates Diversity Day

    In 2014, Celestial Green Ventures selected five projects to receive funding as part of our Social Funding Programme. Depaul Ireland’s ‘Tus Nua Project’ was one of the successful applications.

    In celebration of Diversity Day, Depaul Ireland held a BBQ at their Tus Nua project apartments in Dublin. Volunteers, residents and government officials were invited to recognise the importance of valuing people’s differences, which, according to Project Group Manager Shane Bradley, is an idea that Tus Nua embraces.

    Although being summer, the event encountered a slight hiccup when it began to rain heavily on its guests. However, this did not stop Depaul, as they had already prepared for such a situation by setting up a marquee to shelter their invitees from the Irish weather.

    Two of these invitees were CGV’s Paula Torres and Allan de Lima, who were thrilled to have the chance to see the location of the project where up to six women leaving prison are accommodated. For Paula, CGV General Manager, the event was a great opportunity to learn more about the project, as well as meeting members of staff, volunteers and residents.

    “We are really impressed by the work that the Tus Nua project develops with women leaving prison. Getting to see the building where these women live and talking to other associates who are also part of this initiative only reassured us that the funds donated by Celestial Green Ventures went to a really worthwhile cause,” she said.

    The Tus Nua project provides assistance to ex-offender women by offering them support, accommodation and training as a way to empower them to reach towards a positive future. The funding provided by CGV will help the project to continue providing a safe and secure environment for these women as well as essential materials to help them along their journey.

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