Our projects encapsulate the concept of Natural Capital protection


We design and develop innovative solutions to some of the world's most important environmental challenges


Our new, innovative and technology-driven Geospatial Platform will change the way REDD+ is done forever


The total CO2 emissions avoided by the Trocano Araretama Project, since June 10th 2011, is equivalent to:

28,334,832.48 tCO2e


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Welcome to Celestial Green Ventures

Celestial Green Ventures develops and implements REDD+ forest conservation projects, within the Amazonia region of Brazil.  By carrying out these avoided deforestation projects, the company is able to generate carbon benefits which also have a positive impact on the communities and biodiversity within the project areas.

Celestial Green Ventures is committed to making long-term environmental, socio-economic and ecosystem enhancements that are made possible by protecting and conserving vulnerable areas of rainforest that are at risk of deforestation.

Celestial Green Ventures – sustainable innovation

Celestial Green Ventures brings innovative thinking, technological development and sustainable solutions together to provide a fresh approach to environmental protection. The 1.3m hectare rainforest area in our Troacono Araretama REDD+ project area is 10 times the size of London. By preventing deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, we help to generate not just global environmental benefits but also benefits for the local inhabitants and the forest ecosystem. We have a full range of in-depth reports about the carbon, socio-economic and biodiversity benefits of the REDD+ project. We also provide regular updates about the conservation project’s people, animals and the environment on our Celestial Green Ventures blog.

Celestial Green Ventures Trocano Project

Natural Capital Credits from Celestial Green Ventures

Celestial Green Ventures Project Reports

Celestial Green Ventures and REDD+

Our REDD+ projects are designed to bring multiple benefits to the project areas; not only the protection of the rainforest, but also to enhance and improve the lives of the communities living in and around the project areas, as well as conserving the biodiversity that is present.


All inhabitants of the project areas are eligible to benefit from the improvements and enhancements that are generated by the REDD+ project. The benefits system means that they are able to play a role in the successful implementation of the project, as well as taking an active role in the protection of their habitat.

Through protecting the rainforest, our projects are also able to provide maintained conditions for the biodiversity and native species of the project areas. Together this equates to Natural Capital protection.

To read more about the activities implemented as part of our REDD+ projects, please visit our Reports page. We have comprehensive reports on the carbon, biodiversity and social benefits of the Trocano Araretama REDD+ project in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

Catch up with Leona the Loggerhead Turtle


Leona Latest

Leona Loggerhead Turtle Latest

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